Practical and Theory Driving Test:

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The Driving Standards Agencies Website provides you with the nearest driving test Centres (Cherstey, Tolworth, Ashford and Guildford) or Theory Test Centres (Kingston, Guildford and Staines) these tests can be booked on line.

There are lots of reading / learning materials out there for you to buy, Follow this link but please don't get blown away by it all. We would recommend the official Highway Code, know your signs, theory test for car drivers and a hazard perception CD/ROM/DVD all of which can be purchased from the aforementioned site by following the links or of course from any good retailer.

What to expect on the day of your theory

You will need to complete a theory test which will consist on 50 multiple choice questions and 14 hazard perception clips. There are several local centres that you can attend such as Kington-on-Thames, Staines and Guildford. On the day of your theory you will need both parts of your driving licence (don't forget the paper part as well as your card) or you will not be able to take the test.
One signed in you will put your belongings into a locker and then take a seat in front of a computer to start your test. For a walk through of what to expect please follow the link

Some people like to get their theory completed early other want to cover it at the same time as learning to drive and we are happy for you to do what suits you, it help some pupils to combine the both. There are lots of reading etc.

What to expect on the day of your practical driving test.

The cost of the service is 80

If I take you to test I will collect you an hour before your test time and we will head off to the test centre. This hour is used to get to the test centre in plenty of time and then once in the vacinity I leave it up to the individual (you) to decide what they (you) want to cover. Every individual is different some people want to just park up and relax for a few minutes others want to go over as many manoeuvres as possible and others want to go through the Show Me Tell Me Questions so I leave it up to you!

We will then park the car and wait in the test centre for the examiner to call your name whereupon you will be asked to read and sign the declaration at the top of your test report sheet. Before leading the way out to my car you will be asked if you want me to join you on your test, most of my pupils do ask for me to accompany them for added reassurance (it's good as if you are unsuccessful it gives me to see 1st hand why) but it is entirely your choice. Once you've read a number plate and answered the 2 Show Me Tell Me questions you will be away.

You will know what to expect as we would of worked towards this day, 38-40 minutes of driving taking in a variety of road and traffic conditions, 1 manoeuvre and possibly an emergency stop eventually winding your way back to the test test, once you've come to a stop you will be asked to switch off the engine whilst the examiner completes your test report sheet and after a few minutes which seems to take an age you will be given the news - hopefully good! That will be the end of our time together unless you wish to go on to cover the Pass Plus Programme or unless you are unsuccessful and if this is the case we will work together to try again :-)

My pupil base is wide the majority being students from Esher College, Heathside, Claremont Fan Court School, Hampton Boys, Surbiton High, St Johns in Leatherhead, Brooklands College and even some pupils from Godalming college. I welcome all pupils of all ages though, from all backgrounds and walks of lives and am happy to provide references if required.