Independent Driving on Your Test

During your learning curve you will be given instructions such as 'Take the next road on the right', 'At the end of the road turn left' 'At the roundabout take the 3rd exit' etc. and then we will progress onto fully independent driving by either following Sat Nav instructions or you will be required to read signs or directions to get to your destination.

The reason for practising this is that some time now there has be a proportion of the test, 10 minutes, which requires you to drive totally independent and after all once you get your precious blue pass certificate that is exactly what you will be doing. Independent driving varies depending on at which test centre you book your practical test

For example Chertsey follows road signs as signage is clear, whereas Tolworth often uses diagrams as well as signage, don't worry though you won't be given more than 3 directions to remember and you can't fail your test if you take a wrong turn, after all even experienced drivers take a wrong direction it's how you deal with your mistake that matters and it's the examiners job to redirect you!

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