About me

My name is Caroline Hammond, married with 2 girls who are now both at university. I have always been passionate about driving from about the age of 6 I used to sit on my Dad's lap and just doing the steering, as I couldn't reach the pedals, reverse park his car in his garage! Having reached my late 30s it became obvious once my girls were more independent that I should re-train for a new and exciting career and I have never looked back.

I love my job and the interaction with many different people, I am not an instructor that parks up at the side of the road for long periods of lesson times. I believe you learn more the more you are out there driving, which I won't deny can sometimes be a disadvantage, but as I say to all of my pupils if you are not following my instruction just say and we'll pull over.

I was fortunate in my training that I passed all 3 stages of becoming a driving instructor 1st time. I can't deny that the hardest part of my job is if a pupil sadly fails as it's hard to give comforting words when someone is disappointed - fortunately enough that doesn't happen very often.

If it does we work closely together so that we are more confident next time round. Rest assured I will look after you in my car and give you the confidence to be a safe and independent driver, I can even accompany you in the back of the car on your test if that's what you want (a vast majority of my pupils opt for this however it's up to you).

If you give us the opportunity we will give you the full package - Learning to drive, Loving to drive & having confidence to drive.


After 2 previous instructors and many hours of tuition I didn't feel anywhere near being able to pass my test or capable of driving in general, even to the point I considered giving up. My first lesson with Caroline completely changed my perception of driving altogether. Immediately I felt comfortable, capable and more confident than I had ever felt before with driving.
If you're looking for a calm, collected safe and constructive approach to teaching I would 100 % recommend Caroline's driving school.